My life’s goal is to see people facing successfully, whatever life might throw them upon the way.
Whenever things seem to fall apart, running will help people to solve these challenges & make things fall into places instead.

Running is more than a habit – it’s a lifestyle. It gives you the time & space you need to strengthen your health while balancing your emotions.

It can be closely affiliated with the traveling & lifestyles because you need nothing more than you, yourself & good equipment to keep on running, wherever you may be.

I also improve people's performance and ensure they have the best possible experience during every training session.


Karel Petroš

Running coach and health entrepreneur  
The founder 

Bachelor degree


  • Management of physical culture


Master degree


  • Strategic management




  • The United Endurance Sports Coaching Academy’s (UESCA) running certification


  • Food, Nutrition, and Health professional certification from Wageningen University & Research in Netherlands


  • International Food Safety Management


  • CPR, AED and First Aid Certification Course administered by National Health care Provider Solutions



Performance history


  • 4 years elite runner and member of Czech Athletic Association


  • 2 years cross country mountain biking competitively 


  • 1 year of competing in Triathlon and Duathlon


  • 14 years playing basketball in the second highest league in Czech Republic 

It is easy to fall down but difficult to get up so stay focus and never give up. Let your heart beat its own way, it will always find the right one.


I grew up in Czech Republic, my home country, and raised by a great family in the highlands area. As a child, I have had a lot of opportunities to be part of many team sports. My first experience started as a tennis player for a local team. At the age of 10, I became passionate about playing basketball. I have been playing basketball for 14 years ever since. We had a great team, playing the second highest league in Czech Republic.


As time has passed by, I gradually realized that the most natural movement has always been running. After this long journey, I joined the local triathlon team and started to run a lot. I was still at a young age and did not know where life was leading. Two things were pretty sure for me - I can run really fast and I can cycle very well. I can swim on a good level but was not enough for me at that time.


Eventually, running became my daily routine to the point that I could not imagine a single day without it. I have seen many people struggling with running, using the wrong technique. So, they lose a significant amount of energy and not running effectively, even though it is the most natural movement of human being.


Since then, I knew that I want to help people change their habits and routines to improve their running and to eventually reach their dream goal.


I have been running for 4 years competitively as a member of Czech Athletic Association, which is part of European Athletic Association.


Running is an inherent part of my life and change it forever so let's change yours.

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