Meals after a training

Chicken calming

Simple quick meal that I make usually for a dinner. You can easily refill all lost necessary nutrients after a training.

  • Chicken mixed with kari, masala and oregano

  • a mixture of salat with cucumber and red paprika

  • Pasta

Be aware of pasta guys. Even it is good source of carbs that give you big amount of energy, it contains minimum vitamins and  minerals.

Tortilla party

As you can see, this porsion was not just for me though :) It is suitable for two people, depends on how much are you guys hungry :)

  • Mixture of 2 salads

  • Chicken marinated with kari, cause I really like spice one. Of course you can add whatever you want guys. It is up to you, then with oregano,etc.

  • Red paprika

  • Tomatoes

  • White onion

  • Dressing made from white natural yogurt, garlic, fresh parsley and masala 

Ground meat relish

Ground meat is a good source of protein, just like a steak, but it is much cheaper. You can make anything from it basically, for example flat cakes also. These ones I cook in the oven.


Hovewer, be careful about buying only "premium" quality with low fat content.


As a side dish, I chose potatoes in this case, which I chopped into chips shapes, and then put it into the oven, where it is baked without any difficulty.


Place the ground meat in a pan with some rape seed oil and mix it with fresh parsley, corn and onion.

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