Nutrition tips for runners

The health and performance of a runner is affected the most by the right choice of nutrition and also nutrition supplements.


Running does not only take place outdoors. It takes place indoors as well. Half of your health & fitness improvement is designed in your kitchen. The right choices in your nutrition and the wise use
of supplements can boost your performance. Therefore, it’s important to pay close attention to your nutrition, if you want to avoid pitfalls.


The Internet has made information so accessible, that has created a lot of misinformation as well.
Getting good care of your personal reading resources, can hold you in the correct path and help you see results faster.


Therefore, information underpinned or backed by scientific researches are the
ones that can boost your performance even more.


I would like to inspire you with my recipes of meals that I like and which I use for my training, before and after, so you might find your favorite ones too. Also check out news section on my website, where you can find other useful tips for proper choice in nutrition.

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