Vladimír Textoris

BodyMind Gestalt Therapy

  • a set of skillful tools helping to maintain body-mind integrity

  • An exceptional approach to the integrity of the personality, which highlights the originality of each person and improves the way and perception of life.

Anastasia Mokienko

  • Stress management program using techniques from yoga, meditation, qi gong, and coaching.


  • Program for developing of inner focus using meditation, qi gong, breathing techniques and body awareness


The company that delivers high quality clothing for cycling, triathlon, skiing and running. We target companies and clubs that want tailor-made and self-designed team clothes.


Scandiavian company that created complex heatlh program, working with a food analysis especially with a focus on improving people's long-term health.

The company has its headquarters in Gothenburg, as well as offices in Helsinki, Riga, Oslo, and in Florida, United States.

Follow us on the journey to become physically, mentally and emotionally stronger.


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