Open your mind and let your heart beat

KASTN company aims to create a community, in the same way, that the open working spaces have achieved it. The only difference is that when we say “open spaces”, we actually mean it. We love training outdoors, from parks & woods to squares & cities.


Urban running can actually be an awesome way to meet new people from around the world, as well as to sightsee a city you have never been before, in a completely new way.

The core notion of our company is to make running, a part of your daily life. An activity that you love doing, because it makes feel a much better person. On your way there, you will share moments, listen to stories you never heard before, have new ideas, inspire others & be the creative person you always wanted.

Finding your calling might be difficult. Running is not. What we want is to help you get there. We don’t have the answers, but we have the ways to make you find your answers.


We will help you reach the goals you have set while becoming physically, mentally & emotionally stronger.


We are also aiming to awake an idea in people‘s minds that running and walking has always been the most natural thing in our lives.

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