Your first RUN

Are you a beginning runner? Returning after a long period of time or getting back after some injury? No problem! Let's go smooth and steady. Step by step we will get you to your target, even helping you to choose the right shoes or how to gain confidence.

The main focuses are on the overall health and aerobic fitness.

Package includes

  • Running style analysis

  • Customized Individual weekly program

  • Nutrition and supplements tips

  • Mobility and strength exercises


  • Predominance focus on Building fitness and aerobic development

  • Also good for those who are using running to lose weight or who are deconditioned.

  • Focuses on the overall health/fitness

  • Working on proper running form/gait

  • Working on the ability to stress resistance

  • Adaptation to aerobic training and training volume

  • 6 hours of personal meetings  in total 

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